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Rx Method In-Gym Double Under Workshop

Rx Method In-Gym Double Under Workshop

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The Rx Method Double Under Workshop is presented at your gym and is catered to both coaches and members. We provide a detailed progression focusing on coaching and producing better single unders, double unders, triple unders and beyond. Content includes;

Coaches briefing & module review and presentation of course material

Rotational mechanics
Tempo & timing
Rope placement for commence and complete the set
Rope contact point
Rope sizing
Holistic view of double unders to improved WOD times
Coaches final review/briefing and clinic completion

The clinic structure is similar to a CrossFit class where we do a briefing, warm up and stretching then get into the session. You will get sweaty.

How to organise?
Give us a call, email, use the pop-up or DM us on our social media accounts. We will guide you through the registration process and provide available dates. Email or call 02 9971 2098.

The clinic takes approximately 2-2.5 hours and includes question time.

Minimum 8+ registrations per scheduled event. Conditions apply for workshops outside of Sydney and interstate.

Rope Purchase
A discount of 10% off an Original Rx Jump Rope is offered to every Rx Method participant. A discount code is provided with once payment is received in full. The rope will be made and  handed out at the clinic or sent to a home address if doing the clinic online. All online rope purchases must be made 2 week in advance of the clinic. Note; it is not a requirement that you own an Rx Jump Rope to participate in the clinic.

What do I need to bring?
Gym gear including closed toe shoes, jump rope and water.


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