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Due to the overwhelming popularity of our original DUBWOD eBook, we are pleased to introduce DUBWOD 2.0: 14 workouts you can do at home with a weight and a jump rope.

All you need is up to 30 minutes of time, space to do the workout, a jump rope and 1 weighted item. The workouts are designed around having a kettlebell, dumbbell or barbell, but you can easily substitute these with a household item if you don’t have weight. Be creative with your object selection; it can be an old text book, backpack filled with towels, shopping bags or even a bag of sand.If you don’t have a jump rope you can substitute movements with exercises such as star jumps and high bounds on the spot, or check out our range of ropes which are suitable for beginners through to advanced level exercisers.

All 14 workouts include scaled options to reduce or increase workload and include RX+ options if using Zeus Heavy Jump Rope, Drag Rope or a weight vest. If you’re unsure about any of the movements included in the workout email us at info@rxsmartgear.com.au. We are happy to help with exercise descriptions or assistance with product advice should you need a jump rope.


RX SMART GEAR AUSTRALIA and its owners, volunteers, directors, officers, employees, trainers, instructors, agents, officials, independent contractors, servants, representatives, successors and assigns are not responsible for any death, injury, loss, or damage of any kind suffered by any person while using RX SMART GEAR AUSTRALIA/DUBWOD programs, participating in or watching RX SMART GEAR AUSTRALIA/DUBWOD Activities, caused in any manner whatsoever including, but not limited to, the negligence of RX SMART GEAR AUSTRALIA.

I am aware that Athletic Activities have inherent dangers and risks including but not limited to the potential for serious personal injury or death caused by any RX SMART GEAR AUSTRALIA/DUBWOD Athletic Activities or any condition of the facilities or equipment of RX SMART GEAR AUSTRALIA/DUBWOD, some which include:

a. Transient light-headedness, fainting, abnormal blood pressure, chest discomfort, muscle cramps, muscle soreness, pain, discomfort, fatigue, nausea, heart failure, exercise induced rhabdomyolisis, and so forth;
b. All manner of injury resulting from slipping or falling, either roped or unroped, while jumping, skipping, running, walking, lifting, climbing, and impacting against the floor, walls, equipment, other athletes, or any permanent or temporary fixtures or equipment;
c. Abrasion, entanglement, lacerations, bruising, dislocation, and other injuries resulting from Athletic Activities on or near stands, racks, weight bars, pull-up bars, walls, ropes, cargo nets, medicine balls, and plyometric boxes;
d. Injuries resulting from falling athletes or objects such as weights, dumbbells, bars, medicine balls, ropes, and so forth or by any objects dropped by other persons conducting Athletic Activities or assisting others;
e. Failure of the equipment, racks, stands, bars, attachments, anchors, ropes, harnesses;

And, I do hereby further acknowledge and agree:

a. That the Athletic Activities I am participating in require a moderate to high degree of effort, are designed to be high intensity, and are intended to maximally challenge my cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, speed, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy;
b. That although RX SMART GEAR AUSTRALIA/DUBWOD takes steps to reduce the risks and increase the safety of all Athletic Activities, it is not possible for RX SMART GEAR AUSTRALIA/DUBWOD to make these Athletic Activities completely safe;
c. That I am personally responsible for my preparation prior to Athletic Activities, my concentration and attention during these Athletic Activities, and for my post activity rest and recovery;
d. That if I am accessing any public areas, I will do so with care and in consideration of the general public; all road and pedestrian rules must be obeyed;
e. That RX SMART GEAR AUSTRALIA may repost, videotape, audiotape, or photograph you for instructional and promotional purposes without payment of any kind to you and without further notice to you or permission from you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Richard Taylor

Excellent workouts that really get the heart rate up! 10/10

Peter Coghlan

Well, a great system fir those who can do double unders. The newer version with scaled down alternatives is much more doable

Evelyn Heng

Love that the workouts are 30minutes.
Thank goodness for scaling options

Mekarla Jones

Have me some more options for home training. Thank you so much. Less to have to think about!

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