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Your custom Original Rx Jump Rope is one of the most durable jump ropes on the market. It is built to size and is ready to use as soon as you take it from its carry case. No assembly is required and there are no small parts that can be lost. Its simplicity in industrial design was built to withstand the rigours of gym life. That being said, it will not last forever as all man-made materials will break down over time where climate and external forces may dictate. If you follow these steps, you can prolong the life of your jump rope:

  1. Never jump on abrasive surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, gravel or unfinished wood.
  2. Try to only jump on rubber matted gym floors, finished wooden basketball courts, smooth tile, vinyl mats or low pile carpet.
  3. Immediately remove any kinks or bends in the cable as soon as they are detected. Simply bend the opposite direction to remove the kink out. 
  4. Minimise the impact of the rope hitting the floor. Minimise to a light grazing contact, just enough to hear it. Remember, you want CONTACT not IMPACT.
  5. Only use in dry climate away from rain and moisture.
  6. Always store your custom Original Rx Jump Rope by rolling into approximately 10-15cm diameter loop, twist on the cable clips supplied with the rope (don't throw them away) and insert into the jump rope bag. 

If you follow these 6 basic steps it will extend the life of your jump rope. If you notice any coating being worn away exposing bare cable, please cease use immediately and order a new replacement cable


Your EVO Speed Rope is a highly engineered, precision piece of fitness equipment. It is not uncommon to administer maintenance to your EVO to retain it's high level of performance.


- Never under any circumstances apply oil, grease or any liquid to the bearings. EVO bearings are Dry bearings to avoid gunking up with debris or chalk. This will void your warranty.

- Only use compressed air or keyboard aerosol spray to clean out bearings.

- Shake out or blow out excess dust, chalk and debris from top and bottom bearings.

-Hold silver tip of EVO with thumb and forefinger while aggressively spinning the handle. This will help break up any debris inside bearing.

- Then spray again with compressed air or keyboard aerosol.

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