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Uncoated Replacement Cable

Uncoated Replacement Cable

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SPEED METAL - Recommended for advanced jumpers using EVO Speed Ropes

Aircraft grade cable without coating. Our lightest cable offering. Most comparable to traditional speed cables. The uncoated wire provides a reduction in drag and cuts through the air with more ease. Recommended for advanced jumpers using EVO Speed Ropes who can already turn 75+ double unders or are working on triple unders.

*handles not included



We follow two basic principles with regard to jump rope length; The first is “static” rope length. That’s the actual length of a rope not in motion. The second is “dynamic” rope length. That’s the rope in motion where the athlete’s mechanics can influence the effective length of the rope.

Our sizing chart will attempt to guide you to an ideal “static” rope length. This rope length is intended to fit a specific posture while jumping. That posture can be described as follows: Starting with your anchor point, which is your hand placement. Hands should be positioned at your midline axis and right at your frontal plane. Your hands can slide in or out along this axis depending on your shoulder’s external rotational flexibility.

Your elbows should be relaxed down by your side with your shoulders as disengaged as possible. Again external rotational flexibility may dictate whether your elbows need to pull backwards in order to keep your hands from shifting forward of your frontal plane. Once we have your anchor point isolated at your midline axis we then look for your jump rope to have an even turnover passing over head and in front of the toes with a minimum of 30cm/12″ clearance at both points.

If we’ve met all of those standards then we’ve placed the athlete in the best possible position to have balance and symmetry between their body and their rope. It will now only depend on the athlete’s efficiency of mechanics to dictate their “dynamic” rope length.

When viewing the sizing chart please locate your height while wearing your normal work out shoes. Then see the indicated rope length recommended for that height. That is the measurement you would select when purchasing your custom made Rx Jump Rope.

Please note; the way which you hold the rope will have more of an impact on cable length than a 2″/5cm change in length. The size chart is a guide only and should be used as such. Where technique allows, we encourage all users to shorten their cable. A shorter cable will encourage tighter technique, less fatigue in the arms & shoulders as well as prolonging the life of your cable i.e. excess cable hitting the floor will wear your cable down. Aim for a brush of the cable under your feet rather than a strike. You want contact but not impact. If you are hearing a lot of cable hitting the floor, it is likely that your cable is too long.

Should you have any questions on optimal cable weight and length please get in contact here or call us on +61 477 174 632. We answer sizing questions regularly and are happy to help.

Please note; using cables on concrete or hard and abrasive surfaces is not recommended. To ensure the longevity of your cable, use only on gym flooring or matting.

Customer Reviews

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Katishe McCauley

Prior to replacing my uncoated rope it was great and it lasted for so long and was really durable. I found this time round not so much. On my first go at using my replacement rope it kinked straight away and when I tried to straighten out the kink it was still out of shape. I emailed and was given a few reasons why this would happen and was sent a video on how to correct the kink which i had already done prior. I’ve also found that the quality is not as good as what my original rope was. Given the cost of the rope and the fact I’m in NZ it seems pointless sending this back for a replacement so have just had to make do. Pretty disappointed given the cost and promise of durability.

Shane Ponting

Replacement rope is well made, my only complaint is the pricing and the lack of volume discount. I'd be happy to order 2x or 4x of these at a time to save money

Ryan Sladen

Great rope and doesn't seem easy to kink like other brands uncoated ropes. I was jist hoping it ws a tad lighter, as I got the lightest rope possible but has more weight than expected. Otherwise great quality rope!

Samuel Walker-goldsmith

Fast, efficient customer service

Maxine Cappelli

Fast delivery and item as described.

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