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Bounding Target Trainer

Bounding Target Trainer

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The Rx Bounding Target is yet another simple solution that provides a tremendous training stimulus for plyometric bounding.

–    The Bounding Target provides a tactile object to drive the head towards during plyometric bounding exercises. Coordination and alignment are required to make consistent contact between the head and the ball.
–    The telescoping rod extends to 82cm with a soft foam ball on one end and a magnetic base on the other. A Velcro strap is included to provide a secure attachment point to a pull up rig.
–    Simply place the foam ball approximately 15-25cm above the user’s head and utilise plyometric bounds until the head makes contact with the yellow ball.
–    The user’s objectives are to neutralise the spine and stabilise the core while maintaining full extension throughout the body.
–    Change the height of the target to derive the desired bounding tempo and height when training single unders, double unders or triple unders.
–    Use in conjunction with Rx Tempo Trainers to add the hand coordination component to the bounding drills

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