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Zeus Heavy Jump Rope
Zeus Heavy Jump Rope
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Zeus Heavy Jump Rope

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Zeus Heavy Jump Ropes are custom sized to each individual athlete’s height. For this reason, please refer to the instructional link below on How To Size Your Rx Jump Rope and take the Rx Jump Rope Quiz.

LEARN how to size your Rx Jump Rope here 

The Zeus Heavy Jump Rope is one of a kind. Weighing 8.6oz (244g) per 9ft(2.74m) section of cable, this rope comes in translucent black cable colour and is only available with Special Edition Black Ops Handles including Zeus logo-tape. The Zeus cable is the perfect weight that still provides a cardio based workout infused with the resistance training of weight lifting. This cable was carefully selected to ensure the user can still perform fluid double unders with the highest amount of resistance yet not alter the jumper's technique or mechanics. 

The Limited Edition Zeus Heavy Rx Skipping Rope is available with Black handles / Translucent Black Cable only. Sizes are limited to 8’0″, 8’4″, 8’8″ & 9’0″. Handle wrap may vary. Jump Rope Bag not included.

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This cable is not available by itself as it cannot be used on Original Rx Jump Rope handles. For this reason, it cannot be exchanged like other Replacement Cables.  This cable was designed for intense jump rope training.

The Zeus Heavy Jump Rope uses an industrial grade multidirectional swivel axis bearing system producing a near frictionless rotation. The patented swivel attachment allows for the cable to reach top speeds or slow it down to suit the athlete’s needs. 

The ergonomically contoured handles are 6 inches (15.2cm) long and 1 inch (2.5cm) in diameter to allow the athlete to maintain the most natural and relaxed grip. This reduces fatigue commonly experienced in the forearms and shoulders. The contoured pinch points allow the athlete to gain pinpoint accuracy to maintain optimal rope shape while still allowing for a relaxed grip. 

Please note; using cables on concrete or hard and abrasive surfaces is not recommended. To ensure the longevity of your cable, use only on gym flooring or matting.

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