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FRĒVO Freestyle Jump Rope

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With double under crossovers being featured in the CrossFit© Games, it’s time to up-skill with the Frēvo Rope! Learn double under crossovers, side swings and single under crossovers with the Frēvo. 

Every Frēvo comes with 3 interchangeable cord options at no additional cost;

  • Beaded rope for freestyle skill development (suitable for outdoor use)
  • 4.5mm freestyle PVC cord (suitable for outdoor use)
  • 3oz (Buff) coated single/double under fitness cable (suitable for gym floor use)
  • Refer to the cord fitting instructions below

All are packed up in a custom zipper carry case with Velcro front for your favourite patches.

The all new RXSG Frēvo freestyle jump rope is changing the freestyle game forever. Never before has a freestyle jump rope offered so many upgrades and cutting-edge advances as the Frévo.

Gone are the days of the cheap overseas imports with low grade plastic handles and a flimsy PVC cord slotted through the center.

The all new Frévo is made of a high impact polypropylene polymer that can withstand a 50-pound dumbbell impact. The tapered handles are feather light and provide a sleek yet grippy contour with 2 knurling textured pinch points and 6 silicone traction bands per handle.

The Frévo jump rope does what no other freestyle rope has ever done by offering 2 high speed precision bearings per handle that produces lightning-fast rotations and silky-smooth transitions.

Try out a Frēvo today and take your freestyle game to another level.

Cord fitting instructions:

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