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EVO GO Speed Rope

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The EVO Go Speed Rope; now in Matte Black!

Developed with the same technology of the Original EVO Speed Rope, the new EVO GO Speed Rope is 15% shorter and 25% lighter, with added diamond knurling for additional grip traction.

The EVO GO Speed Jump Rope is suitable for intermediate to advanced level athletes and is used in multiple fitness regimens including CrossFit, boxing, functional fitness, HIIT, F45 style, martial arts, globo-gyms and home workouts. Suitable for double unders, single unders, triple unders and beyond, each skipping rope is custom made to your height and includes an inter-changeable weight and length cable that can be changed over to a speed cable in the future. 

EVO GO Speed Rope key benefits:
• 15% shorter and 25% lighter with added diamond knurling
• Offered in four coated cable weight variations and one uncoated cable (for beginners, intermediate & advanced)
• Custom colour combinations
• FREE EVO GO Tactical carry case with purchase
* FREE Shipping (Australian addresses)

The EVO Speed Jump Rope technology was in development for over one year with collaboration from top engineers and machinists on two continents. The goal was very focused – to create the fastest speed rope on the planet without sacrificing durability and reliability. The end result is a sleek, highly refined handle with optimal ergonomics and weight distribution. It’s patented swivel bearing system is so fast and smooth that it has been described as the Ferrari of speed ropes by many of the CrossFit Games™ athletes that helped with testing. It is a true marriage of form and function.

Each EVO GO Skipping Rope handle is machined on one of the most advanced CNC machines from a solid piece of aerospace grade aluminum. It is then anodized for a corrosion resistant finish. The handles are carefully assembled with the tactile traction bands and the patent pending low tolerance frictionless dual-swivel bearing system. Finally, each rope is inspected and tested for quality and performance.

Each EVO GO Skipping Rope comes in anodised matte black, black traction bands and is available in our Buff 3.4 coated cable all the way down to speed metal uncoated cable. Due to the anodizing process colour variation may occur.

A custom EVO GO tactical carry case is included.

EVO GO Speed Ropes are custom sized to each individual athlete’s height. For this reason, please refer to the instructional link below on How To Size Your Rx Jump Rope and take the Rx Jump Rope Quiz.

LEARN how to size your Rx Jump Rope here 

Please note; using cables on concrete or hard and abrasive surfaces is not recommended. To ensure the longevity of your cable, use only on gym flooring or matting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I think the rope is great I would prefer larger handles..

Ashleigh Topham

So light and so pretty. Happy to invest in a high quality to jump rope that helps me get the best results I can.

Dragan Kalapac

This is an awesome skipping rope, l wanted the best rope in the world and that is what I got. Skipping is the best exercise for conditioning the muscles for footwork in combat sports, skipping was Muhammad Ali's favorite exercise. Thank you very much, from Dragan from Victoria.


Absolutely in LOVE with my EVO GO, not just because it's pretty (dUh) but Double-unders feel super smooth. Noticed a big difference from swapping over from my RPM

Nicole Bignell

Fast delivery and the EVO GO Speed Rope is the best! So smooth, retains its shape and a great little bag and clips to keep it stored and well protected. Very happy, thank you!

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