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EVO FRE Speed Rope

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Introducing the EVO FRE, the gateway into the EVO Family.

Since its introduction in 2017 the original EVO Speed Rope turned the fitness industry upside down not only by its unparalleled performance but also by its hefty price tag.  Don't get us wrong, it's worth every cent but we realised that not everybody can afford or would be willing to pay that price tag for a high end speed rope.

EVO FRE Speed Rope key benefits:

• Feather light, lightning fast, bulletproof & affordable
• Offered in four coated cable weight variations and one uncoated cable (for beginners, intermediate & advanced)
• Custom colour combinations
• FREE EVO FRE tactical carry case with purchase
• FREE Shipping (Australian addresses)

It has been our mission to create a speed rope utilizing the same patented EVO Technology to give people the EVO experience but at a more budget friendly price point. Hence, we give you EVO FRE. Made of a special high-impact polymer the EVO FRE is nearly indestructible and weighs in at 2/3rd the weight of it's bigger brother the EVO G2. The EVO FRE is so light and lighting fast it makes double unders feel effortless.
Holding consistent with the EVO legacy the FRE contains the same thoughtful ergonomics, knurling textured pinch points and customizable traction bands. Each FRE is accompanied by a rugged yet stylish carry case with rapid deployment technology and zippered mesh pocket. Each carry case also includes the FRE Velcro patch with room to add more of your favourite patches.

EVO FRE Speed Ropes are custom sized to each individual athlete’s height. For this reason, please refer to the instructional link below on How To Size Your Rx Jump Rope or take the Rx Jump Rope

LEARN how to size your Rx Jump Rope here

Please note; using cables on concrete or hard and abrasive surfaces is not recommended. To ensure the longevity of your cable, use only on gym flooring or matting. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Such an expensive rope for a disappointing product. I can do 50 DU unbroken. I ordered what they suggested. The rope I got was so slow and heavy I could barely link 10 together consistently. While I appreciate new toys takes time to get used to, I certainly was expecting something more impressive for my money. When asking about getting a different rope, because I had used it (once), it wasn’t exchangeable! To me that’s pretty poor customer service on top of a the money spent for something I don’t really see myself using

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for your feedback. You purchased the Elite cable (suitable for those linking 50-60+ double unders unbroken) on the EVO FRE Speed Rope. The Elite cable will feel heavier than your old rope if you've been using a cheap, lightweight speed cable. The additional cable weight is added to teach cable control and slow the user down, as lightweight speed cables teach one speed (fast). When switched back to a cable that is better suited to their abilities, it can feel heavy. There will be a period of adjustment when changing over to a new rope, especially if your technique is conditioned to using a lightweight cable that you can't feel. The Elite cable will help teach cable control and timing, and help unlearn the bad habits that learning double unders with a lightweight cable teaches. I have full confidence that you'll love the rope once you adjust to the cable weight.

Two tips which we recommend to anyone changing from a lightweight cable to the progressive cable weight system: jump higher and slow the rotation down. The lightweight cable you've been using requires a speedy rotation and a small jump for timing to be accurate. By jumping higher and slowing the rotation down, it gives more time for the cable to pass under your feet twice. Add the small amount of weight in the cable and you're able to control the turn, rather than just keeping up with a fast rope. These tips work for everyone from beginners to CrossFit Games athletes. It's very common for the rope to feel different a) because the handles are so smooth, and b) because the cable weight is different. We have more tips on our social media and YouTube channel.

Our one-time exchange policy allows for the cable to be exchanged. If the cable has been used in the gym there will likely be marks on the cable which we cannot accept an exchange for (used product). If there are no marks on the cable, you're welcome to exchange the cable. I'd recommend staying with the cable you have as long term it will be better for your double under development. Link to our Exchange Policy: https://www.rxsmartgear.com.au/policies/refund-policy

All the best,

Megan Bateman

This rope is like no other! It’s perfection


It’s very well worth it




Got this with buff cable
Brilliant feel straight out of the bag.. can feel the rope vs other ropes feel floating
Handle spins perfect

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