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EVO G2 Speed Rope

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EVO G2 Speed Ropes are custom sized to each individual athlete’s height. For this reason, please refer to the instructional link below on How To Size Your Rx Jump Rope and take the Rx Jump RopeQuiz.

LEARN how to size your Rx Jump Rope here

EVO G2 SPEED ROPE proves you can take perfection and make it even a little better. Strategic refinements of the EVO G1 produces a speed rope in a class all its own.   Slight adjustment of the pinch point silhouette and the addition of diamond knurling provides fingertip control and improved accuracy. The internal assembly bolt and head unit were completely redesigned to further bolster the EVO’s unmatched reliability and durability. The patented dual bearing swivel assembly continues to provide industry smashing speed and responsiveness. The custom carry case is the perfect holster for the tactical matte black EVO G2.

*Due to the anodising process colour variation may occur

Please note; using cables on concrete or hard and abrasive surfaces is not recommended. To ensure the longevity of your cable, use only on gym flooring or matting.

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