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Rx Method

Small Group Sessions

Want to be coached in The Rx Method but don’t have enough people for a clinic? Rx Smart Gear Australia offers small group clinics for 2+ participants out of CrossFit Athletic Brookvale.

In small group sessions we go through the same step by step progression as The Rx Method Jump Rope Clinic but in a small client focus group taking approximately 90 minutes. We provide a detailed progression focusing on producing better single and double unders. Modules include;

  1. Bounding
  2. Rotational mechanics
  3. Tempo & timing
  4. Rope placement for commence and complete the set
  5. Rope contact point
  6. Rope sizing
  7. Holistic view of double unders to improved WOD times

To enquire about small group Rx Method fill out the below form and a member of our staff will be in contact.