Rx Essentials Pack – Rope/Grips Combo

/Rx Essentials Pack – Rope/Grips Combo

Rx Essentials Pack – Rope/Grips Combo

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Rx Essentials Pack – Rx Jump Rope & Rx Smart Grips

Rx Essentials Pack from Rx Smart Gear Australia is everything you need to get to the CrossFit Open and beyond. Essentials Pack saves you almost 10% off the retail price of these items when purchased individually. Included is:

  • Rx Jump Rope Handle – Any colour
  • Rx Jump Jump Rope Cable – Buff 3.4, Elite 2.6, Ultra 1.8 or Hyper 1.3 made to your length and colour
  • Rx Smart Grips – Small, Medium or Large
  • Rx Jump Rope Bag

Check the SIZING CHART for the best cable weight and length for you.

When measuring hand for the Rx Smart Grips, use a ruler, start at the base of the palm and measure to the middle finger with your hand as flat as possible.

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Weight 400 g


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