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The Rx Method Jump Rope Clinic

Our goal is to coach a foundation of efficient movement patterns and promote a healthy, well rounded approach to Jump Rope.

“Double unders have always been a big weakness relative to other areas. While I have always been able to string huge sets together my technique was extremely inefficient leaving me gassed after a big set. The RX Smart gear clinic has given me the tools to essentially start over, and turn double unders into a strength. The content was broken down in a way which was easy to understand for all members, and the presenter had a genuine passion for instruction which made it comfortable to try new approaches and risk failure. Would definitely recommend as an athlete and gym owner.”~ Jessica Coughlan, CrossFit Norwest McGraths Hill.

To receive an information PDF on the Rx Method please fill out the below form and details will be forwarded. 

Who will benefit from the clinic?
Coaches who want to up-skill
; The Rx Method is a proven double under progression. We review the course modules with the gym coaching staff prior to, during and after the clinic to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the Rx Method which can be transferred over to your students. Coaches spots are COMPLIMENTARY on achieving minimum attendance numbers. Further incentives include complimentary Rx Jump Ropes on achieving attendance goals are available (see information PDF for details).  
; Remember when CrossFit released ‘Road to the Games 17.02: Cookeville Camp’ and asked the Games Athletes to do single unders https://youtu.be/Mtf9m08Y9jM(fast forward to 14:50)? The Rx Method has been taught to a myriad of attendees worldwide, from beginners to Games level athletes (including Games winners), all with the common goal of producing better jump rope.
and those wanting to improve their jump rope skills.

The Rx Method is held at your gym on a day and time that fits your schedule, and is catered to both coaches and members. We provide a detailed progression focusing on coaching and producing better single unders, double unders, triple unders and beyond. Content includes;

Coaches briefing & module review and presentation of course material

Rotational mechanics
Tempo & timing
Rope placement for commence and complete the set
Rope contact point
Rope sizing
Holistic view of double unders to improved WOD times
Coaches final review/briefing and clinic completion

The clinic structure is similar to a CrossFit class where we do a briefing, warm up and stretching then get into the session. You will get sweaty.

The clinic takes approximately 2-2.5 hours and includes water and bathroom breaks. Coaches, please allow an additional 30-45 minutes for briefings/presentation of course material.

A minimum of 10 participants are required at any one clinic. One (1) complimentary coaches position is offered for every five (5) participants. Further incentives include complimentary Rx Jump Ropes on achieving attendance goals are available (see information PDF for details)

Rope Purchase
A discount of $10 off an Original Rx Jump Rope plus free shipping is offered to every Rx Method participant. A discount code is provided with the confirmation email once payment is received in full. The rope will be made and sent to the gym prior to or handed out at the clinic. All rope purchases must be made 1 week in advance of the clinic. Note; it is not a requirement that you own an Rx Jump Rope to participate in the clinic.

What do I need to bring?
Gym gear including closed toe shoes, jump rope and water.

How do I get started?

  1. Contact RXSG Australia via the enquiry form below include proposed dates, times, attendance numbers etc. You will be sent an FAQ’s document including registration link detail, cost etc.
  2. After consultation with RXSG Australia, notify your members that The Rx Method will be available on X date and confirm numbers attending. The FAQ’s document gives you a template for promoting the clinic and recording who is attending.
  3. Once the minimum number are achieved, RXSG Australia will provide a registration email which includes a registration and waiver link. The confirmation email will contain a discount code for those wishing to purchase a rope.
  4. Follow up your members. We will give you weekly updates on the progress of registrations.

If you are interested in hosting a clinic at your gym please complete the form below a member of our team will be in contact. EDUCATE YOUR FITNESS