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Peak by Athletic is a proud programming, coaching and community. They are very fortunate to have worked with many talented individuals that have become world-class competitors and champions. Apart from success in many local, state and national competitions, Peak by Athletic have qualified individual male and female athletes and teams to the Pacific CrossFit Regionals every year since 2011.

From there, they have had teams progress through the Regionals competition and represent CrossFit Athletic at the CrossFit Games in LA in 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016. In 2016, the CrossFit Athletic team placed 10th in the world, a fantastic feat given the increased competitiveness of the sport.

In 2015, they also qualified Sammy Wood to the CrossFit Games where she finished 12th in the world and Kylie Massi, their first individual Masters competitor who won the Women’s 45-49 Age Group. In 2016, Kylie returned to the CrossFit Games and placed 4th in her Age Group and was joined by Hannah Chominsky in the Women’s 40-44 Age Group, placing 15th.

Peak by Athletic are particularly proud that many of their competitive athletes started their CrossFit journey with them from the Assessment level and that they have been an important part in their journey to achieve their competitive goals. Equally important is the fact that for many of these athletes, CrossFit is balanced with their daily pursuits, allowing them to achieve at the highest levels while still fulfilling their day-to-day lives.